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CARS Successfully Concludes Technical Support Job for Cyber and Telephone Ticketing for the Chinese New Year Holiday

Thanks to the uniform command by the party leadership of the Ministry of Railway and the Transportation Administration, close collaboration with respective parties, and the devotions of the Ticketing Team of the CARS Electronics Institute, CARS has successfully wrapped up its technical support for ticketing through the internet and telephone during the Chinese New Year (CNY) break in 2012.
The Ticketing Team entered the CNY task mode as per the Ministry of Railway¡¯s request on December 28, 2011 ahead of the traditional schedule. A CNY Ticketing System Assurance Leadership Team was set up with top boss Kang Weitao as the team leader, joined by leaderships on both the CARS and institute levels, in a bid to execute the Ministry of Railway commands, and ensure the implementation of each guarantee measure. The Ticketing Team of the Electronic Institute accurately provided system maintenance, monitoring, data analysis, fault handling as well as the compilation and reporting of the CNY productivity sheets. They kept a tight watch on the system and offered proactive judgments, fast responses, and accurate positioning and handling of issues and concerns, effectively disposing issues, eliminating concerns and revealing faults.
The Electronics Institute formed 19 system maintenance teams to provide round-the-clock monitoring of the respective ticketing systems of the Ministry of Railway along with 18 railway administrations; and set up three field support teams to provide technical support on site in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation. Leaderships of the CARS and CARS Electronics Institute, and technical staffs of the Ticketing Team worked at the forefront during the CNY travel rush. The Ticketing Team, upholding the spirit of ¡°Pursuit of Excellence and Selfless Contribution¡±, ensured the stable operation of the CNY ticketing system with their lofty work ethics and superb skills. From January 8 to February 16, the entire network sold 220 million tickets including 57.67 million tickets sold through internet and telephones, with daily peak of 1.192 million tickets through the internet and daily peak of 1.55 million tickets through telephones.
The CARS Electronics Institute will further enhance the system design in accordance with such practice, while finishing the cyber system optimization work based on thorough analysis and summarization, so as to boost the implementation of the new generation passenger ticketing system.