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CARS Celebrates International Women's Day

On the 102nd International Women's Day on March 8, 2012, CARS elected and commended the leading female staffs and staged a series of campaigns centering on ¡°Scientific Development, Health and Joys¡± to deliver warm blessings to the female staffs of the entire organization.

Approximately 700 female associates of CARS units rejoiced themselves in group rope skipping, basketball shooting and shuttlecock kicking competitions on the square north of the former Cultural Palace of CARS on the morning of March 8. Their intense and active engagements in the contests fully exhibited the rigorous work ethics and aspiring spirits of CARS¡¯ female staffs, while their vigorous gestures shaped a brilliant scene at the square.

Not only are they devoted to their jobs, the female associates also showed great passion for life outside of work. The photographs, calligraphy, painting, paper cutting and embroidery works showcased at the female staff¡¯s works exhibition were full of splendor. Each of the 251 pieces of art contributed by 111 female staff of different CARS units embodies their passion for life and manifested their aspiring mentality. A presentation/seminar on Providing Good Family Environment for the Healthy Growth of Children held by CARS on March 7 also attracted many young female staffs.

Shi Hua, deputy secretary general of China Locomotive Sports Association, and Tian Jianguo, chairman of the CARS Labor Union, watched the contests and exhibition. Deputy Chief of CARS, Me Jun, joined the contests with female staffs and participated in the exhibition as well.