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CARS Associates Go Green

When the spring wind turned gentle and the leaves turned green in Beijing, 100 plus CARS associates came to the East Park on the morning of April 13th to plant trees in a voluntary action. CARS leadership- Wang Junli, Nie Axin, Dong Shouqing, He Qi and Tian Jianguo joined the campaign with leadership and staffs of different CARS units.

CARS has planted more than 110,000 trees ever since taking up the responsibility of greening the East Park in 1982. In order to ensure the survival of the trees, CARS has to foster over 20,000 new seedlings, plow and irrigate 60,000 trees, trim 1,000 plus wild trees, and build 2 km of fire fence every year. As such, our greening actions were praised by the Green Office of Ministry of Railway and the Changping 13th Forest Administration in each of the past years.