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Inspection System for Structure Clearance of Railway

    The system employs inertial method principle to realize the dynamic on-line inspection for corrugation of rail top. Meanwhile it features editing and printing over-ranging statement, afterwards playing-back processing of original data, oscillogram playing back, oscillogram comparison, mileage correction, etc. Its advantages lie in simple structure, easy installment, high reliability and practicability.


Technical Index

Measurable wavelength 


Measurable range 


Measuring accuracy


Minimum inspection speed 


Maximum inspection speed 


Interfaces of acquiring and data processing system


Application performance

1 5 Rail flaw detection cars
GTC-301 Inspection center of Railway Ministry
GTC-302 Xi'an Railway Administration
GTC-303 Wuhan Railway Administration
GTC-304 Lanzhou Railway Administration
GTC-305 Beijing Railway Administration
2 Track inspection car of Nanchang Railway Administration