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Comprehensive Analyzing and Pr

Then center consists of storage platform for massive inspection data, sophisticated data analyzing & computing environment, maintenance support system by decision-making experts and multimedia demonstration center, etc.
With the capability of comprehensively assessing railway infrastructure status and maintenance support decision-making, the center uses a series of leading technologies such as Generalized Energy Index(GEI), power spectrum density, wheel-track coupling dynamics simulation, data mining and correlation analysis of multi-source data etc, providing technical support for ensuring operation security of high-speed railways and lowering the costs of maintenance. Meanwhile, the center provides data support for basic and prospective scientific research of high-speed railways, and lays the foundation of forming the maintenance management system, status assessment and maintenance decision-making support for infrastructure comprehensive inspection.

Machine Room

Quality Analysis of Equipment Status Sections

Trend Analysis of Status

GIS-based Track Status Presentation (Classified by Red, Yellow and Green)

Information Release