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Positioning & Synchronization System

The system adopts technologies such as high-precision photoeletric encoder and radio frequency identification (RFID) to realize the precise positioning for the inspection train. Meanwhile, it reports information such as unified speed, time and mileage of the train to trigger functions such as synchronized real-time acquisition by thousands of sampling channels of inspection systems.

Technical index

Mileage calibration accuracy: The difference between posting time and actual
traveling time1m;
mileage data transmission Delay: better than 0.01s;
Transmission media: optical fiber
Redundancy mode of synchronous mileage calibration network: looped network redundancy.

Application performance

CRH2-150C inspection speed 350km/h
CRH2-061C inspection speed 350km/h
CRH2-068C inspection speed 350km/h
CRH2-010A inspection speed 250km/h
CRH380A-001 inspection speed 350km/h
CRH380B-002 inspection speed 350km/h
Number 0 high-speed comprehensive inspection train inspection speed 250km/h