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Catenary Vision Inspection System

The system employs a high-speed, high-resolution camera to conduct high-speed, high-resolution acquisition of suspension operation conditions of Catenary under the speed of 160km/h, and fulfill the automatic abnormity recognition and alarm for the status of contact suspension, insulation parts, line switches, additional leads, various tie lines, hard crossing & soft crossing, overpass and crisscross line conditions, wire clamps, droppers, steady arms, suspended column top, etc.

Technical index:

1 Be able to acquire the ultra-definition images of suspension parts such as steady arm supporting column,suspended column, suspended column top and contact wire clamp of Catenary, with resolution up to 6500*4500 and real matter resolution up to sub-millimeter level (0.6 mm);
2 Be able to cover contact suspensions along the railway line and support the device to record full videos, with resolution of 1400*1024, maximum frame rate up to 100FPS. The frame rate can be automatically adjusted to the train speed.

Schematic Diagram of Hardware Installation

Catenary Front Layout

Catenary Partial Image

Trouble Inspection Alarm for Cotter Pin Loose

Pin Deficiency