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Track Vision Inspection System

The system employs visual measuring method and mode recognition technology to realize the dynamic inspection for rail surface flaw and status of sleepers & fasteners under the speed of 160km/h and to conduct automatic flaw recognition & classification and statement print.

Technical index

Sampling interval in longitude: not less than 1mm
Resolution in latitude: not less than 1mm
1 Chafe accuracy of rail surface: 2mm in latitude and 3mm in longitude
2 Sleeper crack: width: 2mm
3 Rail fastener abnormity: detection rate 99%

Application performance

1 5 Rail flaw detection cars
GTC-301 Inspection center of Railway Ministry
GTC-302 Xi'an Railway Administration
GTC-303 Wuhan Railway Administration
GTC-304 Lanzhou Railway Administration
GTC-305 Beijing Railway Administration
2 Track inspection car of Hohhot Railway Administration
Inspection speed: 140km/h
3 Track inspection car of Jitong Railway Group
Inspection speed: 120km/h
4 Rail-flaw detection car of 10 railway administrations including Beijing and Shanghai

Software Interface

Automatic Chafe Recognition

Fastener Deficiency

Defects of Sleeper Cracks